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About Us

We offer innovative technology for timekeeping to clients around the world.

Our History

As a freestyle skaters and the organizers of the competition, we dreamed of our own time measurement system. The devices available on the market cost a fortune or were not suitable for the needs of the competition. We decided to build our own device. Over the years we have been improving our system. In 2009 our small group of  experienced and highly educated sport passionate, engineers and programmers founded our company. We strive to take the latest technologies available, and combine them with our experience and passion to deliver the best systems to our clients and their organizations.

Our Vision

Our idea is to help developing sport by creating widely available and relatively inexpensive time measurement systems.
For each parts of our product, hardware and software, we study how our customers use their devices, what functionality they expect and what we can improve.

Time going so fast, now we offer 5th generation of our time measurement system.

EFSC 2013 - Perfect Time

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Latest News

U-Timing 2.6.2 is out

We are pleased to present the latest edition of U-Timnig Software 2.6.2. The long-awaited freestart function in the training mode (Stopwatch) is now available.